We will be only too pleased to meet with you to discuss your needs and how we can be of service. To arrange an initial no obligation meeting or an informal chat please call us on 0121 2000 820 , alternatively please email at

Following our initial meeting, where we will discuss with you your aspirations and personal requirements, we will provide you with a written fee quote and a proposal for working together.

Engaging with HAYERS:-

Having chosen to become a HAYERS client and as part of our professional code of conduct and good practice, we will send you a ‘letter of engagement’. This confirms in detail the work we are to undertake on your behalf, who will be handling your affairs and the fees to be charged.
We are required by law to obtain proof of your identity; this is a process which will be explained to you fully upon engagement.

What if I have an accountant already?

You may have outgrown your existing accountant or are looking for someone who is a specialist in your field who can provide you with more specific advice on tax savings and business in general. If this is the case, then HAYERS is the firm for you.

We appreciate that the decision to change is not always an easy one and that it is not an everyday occurrence. You can be reassured that the move is less daunting than you might first think. Certainly, HAYERS primary concern is to make the switch as easy as possible.

A key aspect of our work is ensuring we are familiar with your accounting procedures and systems and that from a very early stage we understand your business and needs.

Part of this process involves us writing to your current accountant, on your behalf, and asking them to provide us with information about your affairs and paperwork to ensure the transfer is as seamless and smooth as possible. Ordinarily there is no cost incurred in handing over the information or in us gaining professional clearance to act for you.